World’s largest pyramid is hidden in a mountain in Mexico

Some 500 years ago, when a group of Spanish soldiers led by Hernan Cortez marched into Cholula a peaceful city in present-day Mexico, they were surprised the people were builders of pyramids instead of weapons.

Unfortunately, the people and their pyramid fell within the twinkle of an eye with about 10% of the total population murdered in a day. However, history has it that one mud-brick pyramid was concealed. According to reports, the pyramid was accidentally covered by vegetation for centuries and mistaken for a mountain until the locals began to construct an asylum on it in 1910.

“The pyramid which stands more than 200 feet above ground level, and about 1,500 feet wide is believed to be the largest monument ever constructed anywhere in the world,” beams BBC.

After settling in Cholula, the Spaniards resulted to erecting churches every year in a bid to keep up with the local liking for religious monuments.

However, when they built the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remediosa on a huge hill, they never knew they were placing an ornamental top on a pyramid.

The original pyramids date back to around 300 BC, with each pyramid built over it by future civilizations. “Currently, the old landmark associated with this city doesn’t depict the Hispanic pyramid,” reports Afar magazine, though the marketplace that splits into the pyramid’s base to the church is still an exceptional edifice.


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