Here’s Why ‘Coco’s Mexican-American Co-Director Can’t Get an Oscar Nomination

Coco, Pixar’s latest animated success, secured two Oscar nominations Tuesday: Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for “Remember Me.” The movie is seemingly the heavy favorite in the animated category, but if it wins, you won’t see Mexican-American co-director Adrian Molina pick up a statuette.

Instead, we’ll likely hear Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson give speeches about the Día de Muertos film. Unfortunately, the Academy’s rules keep Molina from receiving a nomination.

“The designated recipient(s) must be the key creative individual(s) most clearly responsible for the overall achievement. A maximum of two persons may be designated as nominees, one of whom must be the credited director and the other of whom must have a producer credit.” Molina – who wrote the script and was later bumped up to co-director – is not listed as the film’s main director. That title goes to Unkrich, with Anderson, the film’s producer, receiving the second slot, leaving Molina on the outs.

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Article written by Kristen Lopez

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