Guillermo del Toro Accidentally Started the “Porque Soy Mexicano” Meme And The Internet Reacted

Mexican Guillermo Del Toro has become a national hero and the sensation of the moment thanks to his film “The Shape of Water”, which has 13 nominations for the 2018 Oscar Awards. But what many people also love is a sentence of the director: “Porque soy mexicano” – A sentence that has became a internet sensation

The phrase “Porque soy mexicano” by Del Toro became the first meme of the year and has thousands of people dead laughing on social networks after the tapatío affirmed with such determination that his incredible vision of life is due to the fact that he is Mexican. Dozens of users in social networks searched for the funny things that Mexicans do and that makes them very good.

Take a look at a few:

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