Baby’s First Word Is Taco And Grandparents Can’t Deal With It

Meet baby James, a jovial and adorable baby who had a hang at life at 3 months. In a gorgeous video shot in 2015, baby James is seen surrounded by some adults who buttered him into saying his first word. He was only 3 months old then.

You would agree with me that at 3 months, babies try to speak by producing gibberish sounds, followed by the classic words such as mama, dada, and milk. I wouldn’t want to bore you with all those general baby features – I am just going to shoot out all that rolled out of baby James mouth on that special day.

When James’ family realized that baby James was already uttering some gibberish words, they suggested he tried out some classic baby words like mama, dada, and milk. Pretty cool right?
However, James was way too sophisticated for such babyish words; he needed something tastier, yummy and sugar-coated.

“Taco?” came the brisk voice of James grandpa.

James wasted no time in picking up the word. Within a short time frame of 30 seconds, he was already repeating the word rhythmically, with fervor from Grandpa’s voice.

To the uttermost surprise of everyone, baby James uttered his first-word “Taco.”

Everyone present was completely thrilled with an uproar of laughter filling the room. “I pretty much certain he just said taco!” came a voice.

. “Yep, it seems James just had a hang at his first word!” came another.

James grandpa was super excited, “We will put that on YouTube!” he said.

Internet users are overwhelmed at the baby’s early devotion to tacos, leaving millions of incredible comments and likes below the comment section of the video.

“This kid is going places,” beamed Facebook user Khayla Vorachak.

“Yes, baby. Tacos are life,” said Ashley Young.

James taco clip has been viewed by over a million people since it was uploaded on the internet three years ago. James should perhaps be in preschool by now and capable of munching a taco or two. We certainly hope James is doing great, scouting for the best taco outlets in town.

What was your baby’s first unique word?

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